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AutumnThe Lye Valley SSSI, Headington, Oxford, is an 8,000 year-old internationally rare habitat, a tufa-forming valley-head alkaline spring fen. It represents 1.5 ha of only 19 ha of this habitat left in all England and supports over 20 species of plant rare in Oxfordshire of which 14 are on the England Red List. It also hosts ten species of rare and 27 species of nationally scarce invertebrates, notably soldier flies and glow worms, as well as thriving populations of reptiles and amphibians.

The three sites featured on this website form an entire ecosystem: nearby Rock Edge and Warren Meadow’s wild flowers provide nectar & pollen for the fen’s invertebrates, while Warren Meadow is also the crucial rainwater catchment and infiltration area for the springs which keep the fen wet and ensure the formation of limy tufa, essential to the special wildlife.

Slideshow: Flowers and insects in the Lye Valley

Chairman's Report for 2020/21

We are a group of people who are working to protect and preserve this internationally-important site for
wildlife in the Headington area. To become a Member, contact friendsoflyevalley@yahoo.co.uk

Friends of Lye Valley, 2013–2022